Weddings represent communion, love, and festivities. During weddings, families come together and bask in an aura of warmth and love. In addition to endearment and togetherness, a crucial aspect associated with wedding functions is the food. No wedding is complete without a menu. But, with our lives becoming so fast-paced, planning a menu, deciding on a caterer, and overseeing the procedure of cooking and serving becomes very overwhelming. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a wedding caterer that speaks to you and is compatible with your needs and requirements. If you are looking for top-notch wedding catering services in Delhi, we have curated a list of tips and tricks that will undoubtedly help you find the right one.


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The old saying is that you can either live to eat or eat to live. But, whatever your life mantra may be, the undeniable fact is that food remains constant. Long gone are the times when all persons had time to cook, and it was a mundane activity that didn’t…

Marriage anniversary is a day indicating several years of togetherness, reminding you of crossing the worst and the best days with your partner definitely calls for a celebration!

Be it planning an intimate celebration with your close friends and family or going for a big celebration for your marriage jubilee — then delicious and enticing cuisines are definitely something you and all your guests will look forward to. Be it mouth watering dishes or hand crafted cocktails, you will need to look for anniversary food catering services that ensure your guests feel fulfilled but also be left wanting more.

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Before Covid-19 came into our lives, the need for gourmet meals had already started making its presence felt in the restaurant industry. Because it has become such a ‘consumer is the king’ economy, consumers began to expect convenience in all aspects of their life, majorly in terms of food. And of course, the need for high quality, gourmet food will always prevail.

With the increasing demand for food convenience owing to it becoming a household habit, a lot of new brands and kitchens are entering the field of gourmet food delivery services. However, your best bet would be ordering in from seasoned chefs and culinary practitioners, as they don’t just understand what makes a dish work, they also know how the business works !

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Cooking is an art. But, it is also an investment — an investment of time, energy, and creative faculties. There was a time when people had enough time to indulge in cooking and preparing elaborate meals. But with the advent of a chaotic lifestyle and busy schedules, meal preparation has…

Do you know someone who loves to throw a party? That one person who seems to have natural hosting abilities. You love going to their parties, you always have a good time and wonder how they do it. Well, behind ever perfect host is the perfect catering service. Think about the last successfully executed event you attended. What comes to mind? You would probably think of the following:

  • The attitude of the host
  • The variety in the menu
  • The quality of the food
  • The service
  • The music
  • The decor

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Staying away from home and family can be a challenge — both emotionally and physically. In addition to the mundane tasks and the looming loneliness, cooking is one area that many people find difficult to grapple with. Takeaways and online food orders are not enough as they do not offer…

As caterers and more importantly as foodies, each event is special for us. However, there is something about festivals that makes festival food catering a joyous experience. Whenever there is a festival around the corner, our enthusiasm and energy grow monumentally. Thanks to being in such a culturally diverse country, we get such opportunities often. Before we begin talking about what we learnt from our experience, let us just make one thing clear.


Yes, we know that dressing up and decorating the house is an important part of festivals. But admit it, we all look forward to the traditional festive delights we have all eaten since childhood days.

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